Reasons that originate the project

The present project of environmental services, ecotourism and environmental education, is carried out as complement of the diverse activities of exploitation, conservation and sustainable development in the UMA Potrero de mulas by the creation and conditioning of Camping and lodging in rustic cabins, interpretive trails of flora and fauna observation, cycling routes, adventure Tourism (Tyrolean, rappel, rock climbing via Ferrata), bird watching and reproduction of Jaguar and Puma.

Objective of the project

To diversify the sustainable use of the natural resources in the UMA Potrero de Mulas, through programs of management of low environmental impact, to conserve the biodiversity of the site.

General description of the project

The project UMA Potrero de Mulas (S.P. R DE R.L.), was integrated with the surface of forests and jungles of small properties in the municipality of San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco; Small owners organized in a rural production society, which to date meet 3,834 -86-29.69 hectares with the vision to achieve sustainability of those involved in the project through the implementation of sustainable forest management programs Timber, non-timber, wildlife, reproduction of fauna and flora, the supply of environmental services hydrologic, environmental education and research, certifying the good management of the forest (NORMA NMX-AA-143-SCFI-2008) According to the General law of Sustainable forestry development, the General law of ecological equilibrium and environmental protection.

Social benefits

The Ecotourism project certified with environmental education within the UMA Potrero de Mulas provides an alternative option for the tourist tributary that receives the municipality of San Sebastián del Oeste, offering lodging service in rustic cabins and Ecological and camp areas of low environmental impact, as well as recreational and environmental education activities. The sustainable use-Certificate of a surface of 3,834 -86-29.69 hectares comprising the UMA Potrero de Mulas, which provide areas of feeding, breeding, breeding and refuge to the wild fauna of the region, as well as protecting Directly to the plant species present in the territory of the same. To find the UMA Potrero de mulas within the protected Natural area of the feeding basin of the National Irrigation District 043, at the head of two microwatersheds, those of Arroyo El Limón and Arroyo la Bulera sustainable use, protection, Conservation and restoration of the forest ecosystem of UMA generates environmental hydrological services important for the region, in addition to the forest Mass in its three strata, provides environmental services by carbon sequestration, ie by production of oxygen. On the other hand the Ecotourism project is designed to operate with a minimum environmental impact, respecting the capacity of the ecosystem to load or resilience.